Katy Tran

Marketing Team

Name:        Katy Tran

Position:     Marketing Team

Phone:        02 8591 6951

Email:         sales@queentours.com.au

Katy is the soul behind QueenTours’ business planning & marketing strategy.

She has been a travel enthusiast in the industry since 2012. While working part time at QueenTours, she managed to complete her bachelor’s degree at Western University in Marketing. Doesn’t stop there, she is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Marketing Analytics at University of New South Wales.

Katy loves all aspects of travel from adventure, culture, specialized tours, cruises, B&B accommodation and small, boutique to luxury hotels. Having been to over 26 countries and counting, those are surely valuable learning experiences that Katy can incorporate to work.

At QueenTours, Katy is looking forward to building her marketing knowledge to help QueenTours grows stronger in the market.

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